"Because She Loves Me" by Mark Edwards


I have read a few books by this author and enjoyed them. This story grabbed me initially, set me up to believe what the author wanted me to think- Charlie was bad. I didn't like the constant sexual scenes, claiming they were so in love after only a couple of weeks, planning to move in together after a month. Charlie's outrageously jealous, nearly criminal, and definitely unbalanced actions brushed under the rug because he loved her. But these acts were forgiven as "not that bad" at the end of the book. No- those behaviors were definitely warning signs. Not normal. Not to be ignored or explained away. I liked some of the plot twists, but in the end, there were too many, and I don't feel the villain was foreshadowed enough to make it acceptable. There were two people I could have accepted as the bad guy. Neither of them turned out to be it. I didn't guess who it was, which is usually a plus, but only when after revealed, I can say, "Oh yeah, now I can see it lined up all along, building towards the truth." The author told things in the final pages to explain why that person was the criminal mastermind, but better clues sprinkled throughout the book would have made a more significant impression.