'What We Forgot to Bury' by Marin Montgomery

I am excited about reading again! I don't give Five Stars lightly. Marin Montgomery slowly paints the background of this twisted tale and gradually clues you in on secrets necessary to put all the puzzle pieces together that will lead to the explosive conclusion. I felt equally bad and angry with both characters at some point in the story, and I was engrossed in this thriller until I reached the end, which left me saying, "Wait, what?" I had to think back over the journey to see how this could have happened, and yes, it could happen, and I didn't see it coming. Charlotte and Elle's tragic lives strategically collide, and they'll never be the same. Sometimes the "bad guy" isn't the worst guy you'll encounter. I will definitely find more work by this author.

'Lord of Fire (Wytchfae Book 5)' by Flossie Benton Rogers

Lord of Fire (Wytchfae Book 5) by [Flossie Benton Rogers]

This book was well-written; grammar and punctuation were not an issue. The story felt light and superficial, almost fairytale-like; it didn't upset me when Hawk was struck down and could have been dead during Garnet's kidnapping, yet some language and intimate moments marked it not for children. I was surprised to find people turning into animals. I enjoyed the time travel and multi-dimensions. I read the book in one sitting; the story flowed, quick and easy entertainment.

"A Candle in the Darkness" by Karen Black

A Candle in the Darkness by [Karen Black]

Valerie suffers a significant loss when her husband dies, and she rejects the comfort her mother-in-law blankets herself in: he is still there; he'll always be near. At once sympathetic to the main character, I understand her pain. She gets herself into scary circumstances when she insists on traveling home after the funeral, even though the projected weather is foreboding. The descriptions are vivid, and the setting compelling. She finds 'a candle in the darkness' during the storm, and it changes the way she views death; it lightens her burden of grief. Do you believe a person is truly gone when they leave this earth? A hope-inspiring short tale, I enjoyed "A Candle in the Darkness."

"Shattered Treasure" by Cindy Patterson

Shattered Treasure by [Cindy Patterson, Charlene Patterson]

Addison and Logan are compelling characters; their relationship is sweet, and in the end, Logan proves to be a true hero. However, the book is filled with page after page of long-winded stints inside their heads. At about fifty percent I grew tired of the battle between Addison and Phillip and the way she didn't make anything firmly clear to anybody. I would have enjoyed the book much more if the long, boring sections of repetitive internal worries, self-doubts, and insecurities would have been edited out.

Protecting What's Mine: A Small Town Love Story byLucy Score

Protecting What's Mine: A Small Town Love Story by [Lucy Score]

I enjoyed the characters in the book, the plot, the relationships, and the setting. The anticipation of Mackenzie and Linc finally giving in to their chemistry was great. Once they had sex, it was often, and it was a major portion of the story. The whole thing could have been shorter. It took a long time to finish.

"Smoke Rose to Heaven" by Sarah Angleton

Smoke Rose to Heaven by [Sarah Angleton]

Ava's compelling narrative held me tight; the sad tale of her childhood and how she struggled into adulthood with her maniacal aunt kept me reading. The aunt's character traits fell well-balanced between good and evil, and with uncovered glimpses into her life story, it was hard to completely hate her. I highly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading its companion novel to read more about the snake oil salesman, Lyman, who played a large role in Ava's journey.

"The Kiss" by J Robert Brown

The Kiss by [J Robert Brown]

I enjoyed the adventure of this tale; powerful in its humor and profound in its sadness; the descriptions, and seeing through the author's eyes. However, it bounced back and forth in time which left me feeling shaken. The love story that he returns to every so often is sweet but repetitive until finally, the young couple's parting can no longer be delayed, and their emotions culminate in a kiss. A quick read worth the time.

Leveling Up: A Miami Football Romance bySultry Reads

Leveling Up: A Miami Football Romance by [Sultry Reads, Abiegail Rose]

This book had many grammatical, punctuational, and formatting errors and didn't read smoothly. The story had potential, although predictable baby-mama-drama. Some polishing to develop the mechanics could serve it well. 

"A Peach For Big Jim" by Lisa Belmont

A Peach For Big Jim by [Lisa Belmont]

A familiar theme in an imaginary place, the message came through. The mechanics flowed smoothly, and the story interested me, but Chloe seemed younger than thirteen to me; maybe it was the time and setting. I found other characters more captivating, such as Widow Jones; the secrets the woman carried could have been a novel unto themselves. The point at which Chloe's father had to choose between her or his best friend and their beliefs, I didn't think I'd ever see that happen; it shocked me. The ending left with me with nagging questions, will there be a sequel?

"The Cowboy and His Runaway (Rock Springs Texas Book 1)" by Kaci Rose

The Cowboy and His Runaway (Rock Springs Texas Book 1) by [Kaci Rose]

This book has promise. However, it needs serious editing and proofreading. Repetitive, slow, and too many grammar and punctuation errors. I wouldn't hold a few errors against it, but the time spent rereading sentences/paragraphs in this novel for comprehension detracted from enjoying the story.