"Slimmer" by Wendy Jayne

Slimmer: A Contemporary Romance by [Jayne, Wendy]


An unexpected wedding invitation spins Pippa’s world off its axis. The bride-to-be’s sexy brother, Alex, is sure to be there. Seven years ago, he jetted out of Pippa’s life, oblivious to her teenage fantasies. This time she’s determined to lasso his heart.
The calorie countdown is ticking, Pippa has only ten weeks to become ‘slimmer’.
If you’ve ever struggled to lose a few unwanted pounds, you’ll empathise with Pippa’s theatrics!

Laugh out loud funny. I became a fan only paragraphs into the first shorty story I read by Wendy Jayne, and I thoroughly enjoyed SLIMMER as well. The humor tickles, and the romantic satire never disappoints; believable characters in an interesting and relatable scene laced with hilarious moments. I highly recommend this book.

"Somewhere Between" by Patty Wiseman

Somewhere Between by [Wiseman, Patty]


1856 Texas
Phebe Whiteside, a thirty-seven-year-old governess, finds new employment at Queens Court Acres, a stately mansion in South Texas.
She also finds a ghost.
The three-story mansion harbors the spirit of Edmund McAdams, the former owner of the estate. His murder was never solved.
Old mysteries are revealed, and Phebe begins a quest to bring Edmund’s tortured spirit peace and reunite him with his lost love.
A Pandora’s Box of secrets and lies are unleashed as she digs deeper into forbidden territory. Everyone has something to lose if the secrets come out. One will kill to see that doesn’t happen.

I enjoyed "Somewhere Between" by Patty Wiseman. Phebe's intelligence, curiosity, and bravery while investigating the family mystery and ghost in the attic kept me reading. Filled with multi-dimensional, strong characters, this story flowed well, and the ending surprised. The love match at the end, however, felt rushed, but it provided a happy note for the finale.


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