"The Rancher's Baby Bargain" by Mary Sue Jackson


Former class nerd, Lucy Carr, comes home with a tantalizing offer for hometown hottie Aiden Harper: she’s developed a natural pesticide that will kill off the spider mites eating his crops, and she’ll give it to him for free…if he agrees to father a child for her. Time is running out to go the traditional route for finding a man, and Lucy wants her baby to be smart AND good in gym class.

Aiden has put everything he has into his fields of hops, and the award-winning beer he brews with them. But one more year of mites eating half his crops and his family’s farm and legacy—as well as his dreams for his brewery—are going to go under. When Lucy shows up looking hot, and being hailed for her scientific achievements, Aiden is more than a little jealous. He remembers how fun science class was the year they’d been lab partners and how much more enticing Lucy had been than the cheerleaders on the football field. He’d never had the guts to admit his crush in high school—after all, jocks and nerds didn’t mix. Now Lucy has everything, and he’s on the verge of losing it all.

But what starts as a trade of necessity to achieve their goals turns into a tangled jumble of emotions when they realize they might have found more than bugs and babies: they may have found the person who completes their lives.

"The Rancher's Baby Bargain "by Mary Sue Jackson is a cute and sweet, mellow story with a happily ever after. I enjoyed the "baby bargain" plot. The main characters, Lucy and Aiden, were likable. It didn't include an abundance of drama or angst. A couple of scenes with Aiden's ex-girlfriends were awkward and strange, but overall the story flowed smoothly. Lucy and Aiden harbored a secret attraction from the past that neither one was afraid to act on now. Although he was a hunky main character, Aiden's bad knee gave him a human element which endeared him. The near break up/ warm and fuzzy reuniting proved a satisfying ending.


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