'KNOX: The Montana Marshalls - An Inspirational Romantic Suspense Family Series' by Susan May Warren: Book review by TMDG Reviews


I scanned the description and downloaded the book, began reading, and got sucked into Knox's struggle to choose between the responsibility to keep his family's ranch going and the chance to fulfill his dreams. A strong, protective cowboy with possible regrets and a chance to build a new future. I sympathized with Kelsey's tragic past, and I cheered their sweet blossoming romance. The Marshall family seemed like old friends that you could call upon at any time. I appreciated the subtle religious references; it didn't feel preachy but comforting. Action boiled up frequently enough to keep the story moving and drive me to turn the pages. On a down note, some of the main characters' thoughts and phrases were repetitive. The girl band Kelsey belonged to, and the songs they sang seemed modeled after a real-life popular country group, an imitation more than something unique. A lot of time focused on building the backstory for another couple, Tate and Glo. By the end of this book, the author had drawn me into Knox's brother Tate's story, and partly because of curiosity and partly because of a cliffhanger, I wanted to read the next book. I downloaded it immediately. 

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