'Lost Time: Family Ties' by Maretha Botha

Lost Time: Family Ties by [Botha, Maretha]

Twin sisters' relationships with each other and romantic entanglements with the same man could weave a captivating web. The description enticed me to read the book. Finding how one sister truly views the other proved interesting. The dialogue confused at times, and the reader is put inside different characters' heads within the same scene. Nelle didn't appear to have any redeeming qualities.

"The Marathon Man" by Liz Cowan

The Marathon Man (Perception Book 2) by [Cowan, Liz]

In "The Marathon Man" by Liz Cowan, the two main characters have unlimited potential. Each one with select attributes that make them attractive. Patricia is a beautiful detective with paranormal abilities. Thorn is a gorgeous, affluent businessman. The two meet and immediately know they are meant to be a couple. They face Thorn's past reputation and the reasons his previous paramours dubbed him 'the marathon man' which render him incapable of complete intimacy. Patricia's devotion and boundless patience are admirable. Thorn is vulnerable behind his macho facade; his interactions with Patricia's niece prove sweet and endearing. Several compelling scenes read well. The book contained very few errors.
In my experience, what I didn't like evenly balanced what I did like. The dialogue didn't flow in this story; I had difficulty with Thorn and Patricia's hot to cold and passion into argument transitions. Patricia is a detective, but after just finishing the story, I don't remember much in the book that involved her job, and I found it difficult to believe her role as a police officer. It felt like her paranormal ability was restricted to explain her immediate, unbreakable connection with Thorn and to figure out his suppressed problem, so much time spent inside her head, and repetition of her feelings about the situation. Patricia takes sexual actions at the end of the story to save her husband after a life-threatening injury that I couldn't accept.