"The Second-Best Ranger in Texas" by Kathleen Rice Adams


His partner’s grisly death destroyed Texas Ranger Quinn Barclay. Cashiered for drunkenness and refusal to follow orders, he sets out to fulfill his partner’s dying request, armed only with a saloon girl’s name.
Sister María Tomás thought she wanted to become a nun, but five years as a postulant have convinced her childhood dreams aren’t always meant to be. At last ready to relinquish the temporary vows she never should have made, she begs the only man she trusts to collect her from a mission in the middle of nowhere.
When the ex-Ranger’s quest collides with the ex-nun’s plea in a burned-out border town, unexpected love blooms among shared memories of the dead man who was a brother to them both.
Too bad he was also the only man who could have warned them about the carnage to come.

Kathleen Rice Adams paints a descriptive picture of setting and characters in her historical novella, "The Second-Best Ranger in Texas." Even Barclay's horse Bulls-Eye has a personality. Dulce and Barclay form a connection within the limited pages that can be difficult to attain, but this author makes you care about them both and believe they are falling in love. She weaves a story of circumstances that show the depth of their strengths and weaknesses and show they are human. There are also confrontations and action scenes that are highly exciting. I enjoyed this story and would recommend it as a quick, exciting read that leaves you wanting more.


"Hexed: A Purr-fect Catastrophe" by Wendy Jayne

Hexed: A Purr-fect Catastrophe by [Jayne, Wendy]


Red Ribbon winner of The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2018.

A year ago, an unknown assailant heart-hexed Cassidy.
Covertly, she’s used her witches’ powers seeking a counter spell, but to no avail.
The year of enforced celibacy is grating on her sexual nerves. Cassidy’s situation worsens when she falls for the very sexy warlock, Hunter Rutherford, but must keep him at arm’s length.
Sparks fly when they kiss, but these sparks are the type that burn.
The only way they’ll be able to consummate their relationship is by finding who cast the hex and convincing them to remove the curse.

Bonus Short Read: Snakes & Apples.

I absolutely loved this short story. Another hit from Wendy Jayne. Cassidy's journey to uncover the person who heart-hexed her provided sensual tension, humor, and a bit of mystery. 100% enjoyable. Recommended! Get your copy today!


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