"The Second-Best Ranger in Texas" by Kathleen Rice Adams

Kathleen Rice Adams paints a descriptive picture of the setting and characters in her historical novella, "The Second-Best Ranger in Texas." Even Barclay's horse Bulls-Eye has a personality. Dulce and Barclay form a connection within the limited pages that can be difficult to attain, but this author makes you care about them both and believe they are falling in love. She weaves a story of circumstances that show the depth of their strengths and weaknesses and show they are human. There are also confrontations and action scenes that are highly exciting. I enjoyed this story and would recommend it as a quick, exciting read that leaves you wanting more.

"Hexed: A Purr-fect Catastrophe" by Wendy Jayne

Hexed: A Purr-fect Catastrophe by [Jayne, Wendy]

I absolutely loved this short story. Another hit from Wendy Jayne. Cassidy's journey to uncover the person who heart-hexed her provided sensual tension, humor, and a bit of mystery. 100% enjoyable. Recommended! Get your copy today!