"Hearts in the Storm" by Elmer Seward

Hearts in the Storm

Trista is on a mission and looking for someone to help her accomplish her goal. The details of that goal are withheld long enough for you to get a little background information about the characters' lives. Trista meets a local man affectionately referred to as "Duck" with a past of his own that he can't escape. He agrees to take her out on his boat in the eye of a storm because he knows more about her secrets than he is letting on and honestly wants to help her. In doing so, he feels he may be able to find redemption for himself and finally be free of his own demons. His sister thinks he may be crazy but she doesn't argue with him because she can see glimpses of the brother she used to have and wants him to be emotionally whole again. She can see a bond forming between Trista and Duck and hopes a relationship will mean a new beginning for them.

This is a touching story about loss, tragedy, and overcoming it. The way the author pulls you along spilling bits of the past only hints at the losses felt by Trista and Duck, but when the entire truth was revealed, it gave me goosebumps. The conclusion had some surprises as well. I thought it was going to end one way, but Mr. Seward managed to surprise me. Job well done.

I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I would recommend it.