'Tate: The Montana Marshalls - An Inspirational Romantic Suspense Family Series' by Susan May Warren: Book review by TMDG Reviews


I read the previous book, KNOX, and I enjoyed it. I looked forward to reading TATE because of how the author set up the action at the end of KNOX. This book is supposed to be about Glo and Tate. I liked Tate and had reserved Glo's judgment, but setting up the next (third) book in the series consumes much of this tale. Ford and Scarlett's situation and relationship take up much time. Also, because the author wants each book suitable to be read as a stand-alone, plenty of time is spent reiterating things that have already happened, people's thoughts and conversations. I didn't like the repetition. I don't think I will continue with the next book in the series. It feels like half a story that you need to purchase the next book to complete.

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