Make A Little Wish: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Romance Novel (Make A Little Magic Romantic Comedy Book 3) by Jennifer Archer

Make A Little Wish: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Romance Novel (Make A Little Magic Romantic Comedy Book 3) by [Jennifer Archer]


In Make A Little Wish…“Jennifer Archer has taken the premise of the body switch and turned it into a story that will definitely resonate with women over 40. With humor and thoughtfulness, the story explores the values that our society holds and what it really means to find your soulmate…interesting and entertaining…”-The Internet Writing Journal

When I made a wish to switch lives with the twenty-something college student who works for my husband, I wasn’t being literal. So, imagine my shock when I looked in the mirror and saw Tory Beecham’s blue eyes staring back at me. Somehow, fortune granted me Tory’s head-turning, jaw-dropping body, and in return she got . . . mine.

But as eager young men try to win my attention, only one guy piques my interest. He has intelligent eyes and a sexy, caring smile; but he’s married – to me, or rather the woman I used to be, – and he thinks he’s falling in love with Tory, unaware that inside her body it’s me he’s drawn to. Now, the only thing that matters is finding a way to reverse the results of my careless wish and return to the life – and the husband and kids – I once took for granted . . .

Oh, to be twenty-one again. Lisa thought it would be grand, and after reading a fortune cookie about her wish coming true, she wished to trade lives with Tory, a young and carefree college student. The problem was Lisa loved her kids and her husband; she'd just lost sight of some important things and hadn't communicated all her needs effectively. She desperately missed her family and tried everything she could think of to switch into her body and regain her life. The beginning captured my interest, but between half and three quarters through, I just wanted to see how they'd get back together. It took so long. I could sympathize with Lisa's character. Frazzled and feeling unappreciated, she wanted more, yearned for more. It didn't mean she didn't love her kids. I think the moral of the story proved worth the read.

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