"a Thousand Little messages: A KLM Origin Novel" by Linda Armstrong

a Thousand Little messages: A KLM Origin Novel (KLM Casebook Book 1) by [Linda Armstrong]


A new romance, a strange cat and a woman in desperate need of help turn Melissa's world upside down. Turning the business of her tea shop to her good friend and employee, Melissa goes on a whirlwind trip to investigate the man she thought she knew.

One missing woman, three states and a Thousand Little messages have Melissa seeing things differently. Finding her life in danger, will she be able to find the man before her friends are left to pick up the pieces?

A unique mystery with a lesson to be learned. Pay attention to all those little gut feelings. I liked the main character and the idea that her love interest felt he was doing the women a favor, that they actually wanted to die. His character was probably my favorite, even though he took a back seat to the investigation portion of the novel. Some parts moved a little slow, but the ending satisfied.

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