Magic Most Deadly by E.L. Bates

Magic Most Deadly


For Maia Whitney, life after the Great War is dull, monotonous, and drab. Nursing soldiers in the bloody fields of France hadn’t been easy, but it was better than life at home, standing in her sisters’ shadows. There seems no chance for a change until the night she witnesses a murder in the woods.

The last thing Magic Intelligence Agent Lennox Davies needs is this outspoken, independent lady crashing his investigation. Bad enough that a murder happened on his watch; much less that she had to see it happen. He works alone, and he does not have time for Miss Maia Whitney’s interference.

But as Maia’s own magical talent blossoms and danger thickens around the two with every step they take, before long Len and Maia must rely on each other in a fashion neither has ever done before. If they can’t learn to work together, England itself might topple. Even worse, if Maia doesn’t learn to control her magic soon, she might do more to destroy them even than their shadowy enemy.

Can they set aside their stubbornness and self-reliance in time to save themselves—and all England?


This book took me a while to really get into. It seemed slow moving in the beginning, even though the characters were well rounded and believable. Once Aunt Amelia arrived and the magic element was introduced into the story it picked up and became more interesting. The settings and themes were well crafted and I liked following along as Maia and Len's respect for each other turned into more while she learned more about her abilities and strived to help him save the world.


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