The Sting by Mandy Brown


Pregnant with her second child and staring into her mother's grave, Emma is filled with regret and grief over the grudge she held against her mother. Fate offers Emma redemption when she befriends Delilah, another mother suffering from the resentment of a distant daughter. But as Emma contrives of ways to bring mother and daughter together again, she ignores the warnings of others only to find herself in over her head by dangerous proportions.


This was an enjoyable short story. I could sympathize with Emma having lost her mother when there were unresolved differences between them - and so I could understand why she placed herself so deeply in the middle of Delilah's problems with her daughter. The ending was predictable, especially once Delilah's daughter spoke her mind. I still read it in one sitting because it moved along at a good pace and held my interest.

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