Taming Vegas by Nadene Seiters

Taming Vegas (Vegas, #1)

A one night stand in Vegas can lead to much more than just jumbled memories. 

Melanie Ingles finds herself married after spending the night with Alexander Pope, but she’s too embarrassed to do anything about it the day after. Two years later, she finds herself in a sketchy engagement with an upscale, soon to be lawyer in New York. She’s intent upon going through with the wedding, but one thing stands in the way. A trip to Vegas for a divorce is imperative. 

Alexander Pope has spent the past two years fornicating with anything he can get his hands on to forget the scent of lavender in the morning. His biggest regret in life is letting go of Melanie Ingles when he had the chance to ask her to stay forever. He’s a successful business owner rather than just a bouncer at a club, but he’s soon going to face the wrath of the real business owners in Vegas. The mob. 

Brutality, violence, and love all get tangled up in Vegas. Will a one night stand lead to love? Can Alexander escape the grasp of his enemies? And will Melanie make the biggest mistake of her life? 
This is the first installment of the Vegas series. Keep an eye out for Leaving Vegas in December!


As others have said - the cover is very appealing. The story had a few twists. The main character's lives intertwined in more than one surprising way but I won't explain because it will spoil it for you when you are reading. The couple had chemistry and the idea that he still remembered her lavender scent after so much time, the longing he felt for her, was a good draw. The debacle with Melanie's current fiance was an interesting curve. Their families were infuriating.
The ideas were good. However, the thought was sometimes a bit muddled and I couldn't understand if Alexander remembered getting married ... at some point it said he did, and then later said he didn't. Or, that was the way I read it. There were many editing issues, which sometimes detracted from the story. There wasn't as much "romance" as I thought there'd be for a romance novel.
I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. It had its entertaining points, but I was left wanting more.


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