The Cured by David Wind

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When over 4000 people world-wide had died after taking a cure for cancer, the drug was recalled. But the questions kept coming. Was it contamination? Was it sabotage? Or, was it outright murder by an insane research scientist to retaliate against the pharmaceutical giant he worked for and to avenge the death of his wife?

 And everyone wanted Doctor Donald Brockman! The lawyers wanted answers; the FDA wanted answers and, Homeland Security wanted the doctor!

 When the 911 code flashed across her beeper, Dr. Kira Brockman went cold. The one thing she had been dreading had happened and her life as she knew it had been changed, and the change was for the worst!

 The wrong people had found her father!

 She knew she had very little time to get out of the hospital, to find her brother and to run before Homeland Security and the FBI found them, and they were not the only ones: the lawyers who were in the midst of a huge class action suit against the international pharmaceutical manufacturing giant who had sold the cancer cure wanted her and the evidence she had as well as the lethal security team from the drug company who was trying to stop Kira Brockman from disclosing the evidence only she could get—evidence that would save her father—and they would use any means necessary to stop her.

 And so begins the heart stopping cross country race to save her father's life and prove he was not responsible for the deaths of 4,000 people—The Cured—who had survived cancer because of his medication and then inexplicably died from the very cure he’d created. 

My Review:

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This medical thriller involves conspiracy, assassination, and possible terrorism. Doctor Brockman, who only wanted to find a cure for cancer – the same kind of cancer his wife suffered from, ends up causing deaths world wide with a medication that appeared to have cured the cancer at first. It wasn’t until years later that a virus, a deathly “side effect” of the drug took place. He secretly researches the drug to find out what the cause of the virus was – if it was an inside or outside source of contamination and exactly what mutated virus was involved in the deaths. What he discovers is big enough to bring down the international corporation when he gives it to the lawyers heading the case for the victims. So, he hopes the pharmaceutical company doesn’t find him out before he testifies. The drug company does not want him to testify in the tort law suit and will do just about anything to keep him from doing so. Even though the entire story hinges on his testimony, he doesn’t play a big role beyond the beginning of the book.

His daughter, Kira, and disabled son, Michael are thrown into the middle when Kira gets a 911 page from her father and assumes that he has been discovered by the drug company. She gets to her brother as fast as she can, but not fast enough. The bad guys are already on to her and she barely escapes with Michael in tow. Michael suffers from some disabilities, but also has a genius IQ. They are chased across the country with help along the way, and a leave a trail of dead bodies trying to get the information to the lawyers that her father wasn’t able to give before he went missing.

There is a lot of action and adventure in this book. The plot and premise are intriguing. However, There were also a lot of characters,   and sometimes I got confused trying to keep track of them and had to backtrack to remember. Many weren’t really “known” characters, not really described.

Overall, I enjoyed the book.

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