Marie Reviews "The Princess Who Would Not Be Queen" by Sheela Word

The Princess Who Would Not Be QueenThe Princess Who Would Not Be Queen by Sheela Word


"A woman may reach for what she desires and gain it."

'Tis unjust that because Princess Bernadette is female, she cannot inherit her father's throne. She vows to become a Queen through marriage. Prince Geoffrey is her chosen bridegroom, but will they make it to the altar? (Short story, 28 pages)

This is the second story in "Nine Princesses: Tales of Love and Romance." The book is most likely to appeal to fans of Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, or Shakespeare. Princess Bernadette represents Enneagram Personality Type 8.


I found the story entertaining, more of a comical romance. The Princess who can not inherit the throne from her father sets about getting a throne her own way. She is a bit strong willed and stubborn about the whole situation, but things have a way of working out to give you that fairytale type ending. Plus, she sees a changing of the rules so women can inherit the throne. Win – win.


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