Marie Reviews "Love, Lust, and Pixie Dust" by Erica Ridley

Love Lust and Pixie Dust by Erica Ridley


MIXING MAGIC WITH PLEASUREDaisy le Fey isn't staying a wannabe pixie forever. As soon as she's a licensed Tooth Fairy, she'll finally be on the Nether-Netherland ladder of success. All she has to do in order to trade in her homemade glitter wings for the real deal is complete her first solo assignment. Only that's no sweet child asleep on the pillow. It's a sexy man who refuses to hand over the tooth. Desperate to save her would-be career, she fights for possession. So what if her wand misses and turns the man's assistant into a pumpkin. It could happen to the best of fairies!

HAS NEVER BEEN SO MUCH FUNAnthropologist Trevor Masterson needs his latest find to save his job from impending budget cuts. But then a blonde bombshell wearing glitter wings sneaks into his tent at midnight, claims to be some sort of magical being, and tries to fly off with his discovery. When Trevor chases after the tooth--and the girl--no amount of science can explain their attraction or the chaos unraveling his carefully laid plans. But there's no such thing as magic... right?


If there can be romance between humans and vampires, or humans and werewolves, then Tooth Fairies should have equal opportunity, right? This was a quick light read, sometimes highly unbelievable, but it is what it is. You want reality, look out the window. The characters were solid. You may not believe in tooth fairies, and there are many, in case you were in the dark on that point as I was before reading this book, but the world of Nether-Netherland and its inhabitants are brought to life quite well by the author. This particular apprentice fairy, Daisy le Fey may be a bit naive but she is likeable. The story progresses at a comfortable pace. The relationship dilemmas found don't exist exclusively between fairies of Nether-Netherland and anthropologists of Earth. I think that is why the story is relatable. They both want to achieve their goals, but have to figure out what is truly most important to them, and they have to compromise in order to attain those goals and still be together. I don't usually read paranormal romance, but this book was okay.


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