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Liquid LiesLiquid Lies by Lois Lavrisa

From the Author

Liquid Lies is based on Lavrisa's midwestern background, set in one of her favorite vacation spots, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where her husband's best friend owns a lake home. But she also drew on events in Savannah, which has been her home for almost two decades. "As a writer, I gather and learn from everything I see, experience, read- life is full of ideas," she said. "The inspiration for Liquid Lies sparked years ago from a local news event. Just a small spark ignited the idea for a mystery, and from there I began to layer many pieces together to form the main plot."

Other plotlines and characters started to take shape as she combined tidbits from the news story with her with admiration of Lake Geneva. "The whole town seems magical and clean scrubbed-a picturesque setting," she said. "But I wondered. Could more be happening there then tourists are able to see, what if evil lurked beneath the pristine surface?"

By asking "what if" questions, weaving elements of the murder mystery and adding some twists and turns, Lavrisa composed her mystery, Liquid Lies.

I am a little conflicted about this book. While I was reading it, I thought it was suitable for a younger reader, except maybe for the minor sex scenes involved. The story and main character seemed to be almost cheerful and strangely upbeat considering how many deaths there were, and the facts that CiCi lost two of her best friends and broke up with her fiance she had been in a relationship with for like ten years. Over all, it was entertaining, with a bit of goofy humor and a relatively good plot idea. I wouldn't consider it a serious read. I guess the up side is, you can read about all the bad things that happen and still manage to smile at the end.
I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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