Marie Reviews "Hope For the Wicked" by Edward Lorn

Hope for the WickedHope for the Wicked by Edward Lorn


Sometimes, bad people do good deeds.

Larry and Mo Laughlin are retired killers turned private investigators with monetary woes. So when their handler introduces them to the Trudeaus, one final job is placed on the docket.

Jacob and Bernice Trudeau need their teenage daughter, Amy, found, and they also want the men responsible dead. Two million dollars is an offer Larry and Mo can’t refuse.

To find Amy, the Laughlins must travel to Mexico, where they are thrust into a world of debauchery so foul they will be forever changed.

One crazed pimp, a veterinarian turned doc-for-hire, and an enigmatic facility called “The Show” lie in wait for the wayward couple.

Is there any hope for the wicked?


Nightmare Worthy

This book is horrific. Dark, malefic, twisted, and often gross. I was awake trying to avoid nightmares the entire night after I finished reading it. Once you see it, you can not unsee it, and once you read it, you will see it. Graphic descriptions of child abuse, torture, murder, and the most shocking of all, the uncovering of what happened to Amy Trudeau. I don't know if the book title wants you to believe their is or is not hope for the wicked, maybe you draw your own conclusion after reading it. If you are a fan of horror, this book will satisfy. If you are sensitive to these things, this book is NOT for you. I was drawn in by the description but got a bigger dose of darkness than I expected. My rating of this book is based on how well written the book is, and the fact that if you read this sort of book, it would be awesome.


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