"Five Alarm Kisses" by Minette Lauren


 Raphe and Nina's story is Hot In Magnolia. These two true-to-life characters will have you rooting for them. He almost lost his life fighting a fire. Nina lost her ex-fiance in the same fire. They both feel guilty about the situation and have to overcome these obstacles to have a happy,  committed relationship. Nina has a hard time trusting him because of his bachelor's past, and when some cast members of that past show up on his doorstep looking for a threesome, Nina runs away, but Raphe only wants Nina now. This story includes various supporting characters that will make you laugh. Rosie is a bawdy and unpredictable senior citizen with a penchant for moonshine and pot brownies. That basset hound, LuLu, sure gets around. Sit down, relax, and let Minette Lauren take you away for a while to Magnolia, introduce you to some new people, and keep up with some from the first book.