"Ride Hard : Caballeros Book 2" by Sylvia C. Castillo


First of all, this book could benefit from the experience of an editor. The characters were over-the-top. Too much, overwhelming. The married couple's feelings are exceedingly perfect. It didn't flow smoothly; it felt abrupt, rushed. Dialogue mixed with internal thoughts felt disjointed. I didn't like professional people throwing "F" bombs - not that I think a professional person would never use the word. Still, I think they'd reserve it for private or personal situations and not in their work setting, especially when one of those is an elementary school. Some plotlines are touching and cute, especially Trinity's character- anyone who's dealt with a toddler can relate to her antics. Close-knit family and friends are lovely things, but I didn't find whatever the special ingredient is to capture my interest and make me want more.