"At The Edge Of The Stairs" by Phil Stephens



At The Edge of the Stairs is a gripping tale of a young woman's love that is so strong it transcends the barrier between this dimension and the next. It is the incredible story of Crystal Maiden Arabella and Abraham Gallagher. It follows Maiden's paranormal reincarnated journey to reunite with her lover almost twenty-three years after her death.

Crystal Maiden, or Maiden as she is called, is caught in a deadly house fire with no way out. The first fire department responder on the scene is a rookie named Abraham Gallagher. With no hesitation he and fellow fighter fighters plow through the dangerous fiery maze of the first floor. There, at the edge of the stairs, he finds Maiden injured and unconscious, but alive. As he carries her out of the house to safety and lays her on the ground, a strong emotion immediately takes hold of him. Over the next several days he visits her in the hospital and falls deeply in love, as does Maiden with him. Once Maiden has recovered, they plan to get married, but their plans take a tragic turn as Maiden is killed in a car crash two weeks prior to the wedding. As she lay dying in Abraham’s arms she vows she will reincarnate herself and come back to him…and she does.

This book's description drew me in; the cover photo did as well. The idea of a paranormal romance that overcomes death with reincarnation fascinated me. That said, the author would be well-served to have an editor go through the story with a fine-toothed comb. Point of view and narration style could use a little pick-me-up. It could be pared down, weeding out long and unnecessary parts. Or, perhaps it could be turned into more than one book where each section could receive greater focus. It has too many critical errors in its current form. For example, Chief Callahan becomes Chief Gallagher while Chief Callahan and Abraham Gallagher are having a conversation.