"Critical Points A Novelette" by Joshua Scribner



Garrett is adopted at a young age by caring parents. His life becomes great, aside from a repeating nightmare and occasional attacks from an invisible presence. Can he come to understand these things? Can he survive them?

There's a lot of punch packed into this short story. At each point that Garrett faced a life-altering decision, he'd chosen correctly. Eventually, the author revealed the opposite choices and their consequences. I found it interesting, and I wanted to keep reading to figure out the "presence" that kept attacking Garrett throughout the years. I wavered between three and four stars; I felt it was a solid four most of the way through. When nearing its conclusion, things moved a little too quickly, and the explanation of the glowing being confused me. The end felt abrupt. Wait? What? I need to know more. It kept me reading; the idea was outstanding and unique, and it left me wanting more. So, if there had been a sequel, I would have read it.