"If She Knew (A Kate Wise Mystery—Book 1)" by Blake Pierce


Kate Wise retired at 55. She's bored but has an opportunity to reenter the FBI.  I didn't mind hearing about her personal life, and it gave me a feeling of what kind of person she was. I didn't like her repetitive thoughts on retirement. The investigation moved very slowly. I didn't find the process completely believable, but it held my interest for a while... until the end. Typical, they catch a guy who seems to fit the bill, but is he the criminal? Do they have the right guy? Something doesn't feel right to Kate, and naturally, her instincts bring her to a different conclusion. Usually, a winning formula. But it failed in this attempt. The real killer had no motive. Sometimes I guess people are simply crazy. Sometimes murder doesn't make sense. But this came so far out of left field. Without background on the killer, his mindset, actions, or reasoning, I couldn't accept it.