"Who's at the Door?" by JC Bratton

Who's at the Door? by [JC Bratton]


Due to an unfortunate accident, 17-year old Jamie Patterson had to decline a Hawaiian cruise with her family and stay at home. To protect the home while they were away, Jamie's father installed a video-monitored doorbell. Little did Jamie know that the device that was supposed to guard her would ultimately become her biggest nightmare. At 3:33 PM, Jamie received a notification on her phone that the doorbell rang; however, there was no one at the door…With the aid of her estranged boyfriend, Jamie unravels a mystery more dangerous than she could possibly imagine in order to answer one simple question: "Who's at the door?"

Too much telling and not enough showing. Anticlimactic and sometimes confusing. The premise and some of the ideas were very promising. I think attempting a 'Carriesque' theme - as a character mentioned in the story- fell flat. Could be so much better if the book was longer and the reader got to watch things happen and not hear about what happened.

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