"Murders on the Ridge: Mystery in Briar County" by Andrea Smith

Murders on the Ridge: Mystery in Briar County by [Andrea Smith]


Eight bodies were found in less than four hours in Briar County, Ohio . Every significant member of the Hatfield family of Briarton, their ages ranging from 16 to 44, were shot execution-style inside of four different homes not far apart.

Local, Federal and State law enforcement officers have swarmed the community, interviewing more than 50 people and combing the wooded areas surrounding the crime scenes. Sheriff Charles Ridley called the investigation one of the largest in Briar County history.

Ohio Attorney General Nick Devlin said the massacre was “pre-planned” and “sophisticated.”

A wealthy Ohio businessman out of Cincinnati, Ohio offered a $25,000 reward to anyone with answers.

But when the answers started to come, they only raised more questions.
Fingers began to point, family conflicts grew, and before this crime was solved, one more local would be found dead.

This book was based on an intriguing true story. The author did a pretty good job weaving it into fiction. It could use a little editing. When two people converse, they don't generally address each other by name each time they speak. It's cumbersome. The small town dripping with political conspiracies, corrupt law enforcement, and drug activity made for a compelling read. 


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