"Trafficking" by Bill Ward

I will start by saying the book's cover enticed me to read the description, which in turn moved me to purchase the book. Trafficking wasn't exactly what I'd expected; it started slowly. Afina's mistakes and how she ended up in her circumstances were handed off as a matter of fact, and it would have infused excitement to see these things play out instead of being told they happened. Powell's back story proved compelling. When his daughter died, and he went in search of Afina to protect her, his motives were good, but it felt like he just happened upon her. How could he locate her and infiltrate her life when the police had no idea who or where she was? Traumatizing violence and sex demonstrated some of the horrors of being trafficked and the sick fetishes of men who paid to spend time with the women. In the beginning, when Afina tried to escape, I was rooting for her. I liked her spunk. Her decision to return knocked me off-kilter. I couldn't believe she wouldn't tell her mother what happened, to take her sister somewhere safe, and then report to a police officer. I found parts of the book comical, for such a dismal scenario - such as how Powell dealt with Victor. Overall, an entertaining story.