"Boot Camp Bride" by Lizzie Lamb

 Charlee Montague aspired to outgrow her lowly status at a gossip magazine and become a full-fledged serious reporter. The owner's daughter is her best friend and gets her into a book award party. She's excited until she realizes she'll be staff, carrying drinks and food to the real guests. When the party ends and she feels baited into giving her opinion about photographs from the award-winning author, Rafael Fonseca-Ffinch, and she finds herself playing cat and mouse with the author himself. Fearing she'll lose her job, instead, she is totally shocked to find she's being given an opportunity to redeem herself by pairing up with Finch. The couple's personalities spark and the attraction is real. Charlee is spunky and has a nose for a scoop, so she's determined to figure out what Ffinch isn't telling her about this seemingly simple assignment to take photos of a supermodel at a boot camp for brides. Their fake engagement led to some comical moments, and the chemistry between them made good romance. The mystery/crime angle was interesting as well. An entertaining romantic comedy.