Wolf Eye Sly (Wolf Eye Lighthouse Series Book 1) byTerri Lyndie

Annie Matthews didn't have a lot of fond memories about her home town where she grew up living with her grandfather - the lighthouse keeper. She learned to see it and the mix of quirky small-town characters in a new way when she was called back to settle her grandfather's affairs. She was sucked into a charade posing as fiance to Jamie Lord- heir to the woman who made her grandfather the town laughing stock- in order to save the historic lighthouse building and the cemetery where her grandfather was buried. Jamie Lord had just what it took to exasperate, infuriate, and captivate Annie, but she didn't know if she could trust him.
I enjoyed this sweet romance and the other characters of the town were pretty unique. The sham of a wedding provided the right amount of tension between the main characters, funny moments made me laugh out loud, and there are some mystery elements revealed along the way. Maybe Annie's grandfather wasn't as crazy as people believed. I look forward to having more of the story revealed in the next installment.