"The Devil's Cradle" by Darcy Daniel

The Devils' Cradle


It bothered me how Nina, the main character could have been a captive sex slave and servant to her husband and brother-in-law. However, her husband had money, political power, and a brother who had authority in the police department. So, maybe.... maybe it could happen. Other than that, the characters were dark and twisted - of the 'make your skin crawl' variety, the suspense was consistent, and the hope for Nina's escape became the focus. Nina suffered brutal attacks, and they were depicted with graphic detail - be warned: it is disturbing - but necessary to portray the gravity of her situation. It built level upon level of contempt for certain cast members. I enjoyed the story and was disquieted by the horrific brothers. This book kept me interested and wanting a happy ending. Did she get one? Read it for yourself and find out.