“Mind Me, Milady” by Anne Rothman and Kenneth Hicks

“Mind Me, Milady” is the first book of the Eve Petersen Mysteries by Anne Rothman and Kenneth Hicks. There is a criminal terrorizing women in New York City and he calls himself The Gentleman. Eve Petersen has been receiving personal attention from him via telephone calls. He calls to taunt her, or let her know where to find his latest victim. Eve is in the middle of tying up loose ends of her mother's law office's unfinished business after she died of cancer. Eve has some decisions to make about where her life is going, a controlling ex to deal with, a possible new love, an outrageous psychic, and the hunt is on to catch the Gentleman. People close to her fall victim to the Gentleman, one after another, and he has his sights set on one of Eve's newest clients. Not to mention he has promised Eve a date in the near future. 

Anne Rothman and Kenneth Hicks make this story a believable one. The villain could be someone from the headlines of a newspaper, a serial rapist who calls himself The Gentleman. The descriptions from the mind of the criminal are chilling. There are so many twists to the story that I was guessing about the identity of the rapist right up until the end of the book. The diverse spectrum of characters and the details of the setting made the book interesting. The historical parts woven into the tale make it even more interesting.  I liked Eve Petersen as a strong lead female character, as both a lawyer and a sleuth. Maria was also a favorite character. She was written very well into the female police officer role. “Mind Me, Milady” was an enjoyable mystery and I would read other books in the series.