“Dancing on the Wings of the Wind” by Donna Kutzner

“Dancing on the Wings of the Wind” by Donna Kutzner is a self exploratory journey to find unhealed places within and turn yourself over to love. Only when rooted and grounded in love can you dance on the wings of the wind. It is a spiritual path using scriptures, anecdotes, and sets of journal questions to help you pinpoint the fears and burdens that you need to release. It also speaks about God's unconditional love and how you can learn to trust in Him because He doesn't love who you think you should be; He loves you exactly as you are. It helps in recognizing behaviors and thoughts that harm yourself and others that are not rooted in love, and gives suggestions and examples of how to turn them around. It discusses the difference between forgiveness and trust and how it is most beneficial to you if you forgive the ones who have done you harm.

Donna Kutzner made many good points in “Dancing on the Wings of the Wind.”  I agreed with much of the thought processes. It was a gentle invitation into the arms of God. I have always been a spiritual person, but did not grow up in a religious household. I have never felt it necessary to meet at an assigned place at a predetermined time every week in order to speak to God. While reading, I was engaged by the thought of meeting God wherever I chose, to have a conversation and listen with my heart. I highlighted many sections I felt were inspirational to read again in the future. The sections about fear and forgiveness struck home with me. After reading the book and doing the exercises I found that some of the fearful behaviors apply to me. I was glad to gain that insight. I enjoyed this book.