"Sense of Adventure" by Claire Davon

Sense of Adventure

In “Sense of Adventure” by Claire Davon, Gina is conservative and unlikely to take any risks. She is focused on her career, and a new client falls into her lap- an important client, an extreme sports enthusiast named Hunter. Gina and Hunter try to fight their attraction, because he wants to be involved with an idealist as much as she wants to be involved with a dare devil. It is also a fact that Hunter doesn't do relationships. The chemistry between them is too much, and they give it a go, but some secrets from the past and sticky situations trip them up after Hunter decides having a relationship may not be that bad after all.

I liked the relationship between Gina's teenage brother and Hunter. I didn't like Gina's mother, but she played an important role in the story. She had been burned by Gina's father too many times and she was trying to protect Gina from the same thing in her strange, shrewish way. I found it hard to like the relationship between Hunter and Gina because of the constant talk about the differences in their lifestyles and Gina's insecurities about it. Gina seemed more like a high school student than a grown woman. It grated after a while. There were a few sweet scenes, but too many were over the top for me, too mushy. Claire Davon's interesting angle and unique story line including the extreme sports venue kept me reading til the end. “Sense of Adventure” was a quick and light read.

I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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