“Rondo” by Tell Cotten

“Rondo” by Tell Cotten continues the Landon saga. Ike Nash's hired hands have been riding in and wreaking havoc on Empty-lake's businesses, doing damage and taking goods without paying. Three business owners from the town approach Rondo and ask him to become sheriff. Rondo knows they are asking because of his reputation with a gun. He thinks he'd prefer working the cows on the Tomlin ranch and feels his friend, Ross would be better for the job because he's well educated and knowledgeable about the law. Rondo decides to take the job as sheriff because it includes a small house. He wants to marry Mr. Tomlin's daughter, Rachel and feels he will have something to offer with the badge. He also gets to choose anyone he wants as his deputy, so he picks Ross. 

This Western tale is interesting and entertaining. Even though it is the fourth book in the series, it stands well on its own and I would like to read the initial books to find out the whole story. Tell Cotten brings several attention grabbing, unique characters and combines them with the genuine 'old west' feel that lends credibility to “Rondo”.  I enjoyed Rondo's calm demeanor in the face of any dangerous situation. His friendship with Ross is stronger than any competitive feelings or rivalries they may have. They work well together in wrapping up Ike Nash's dirty business, even though a lovely lady named Lucy comes in on a carriage sparking a disagreement between them, and a stranger rides into town who wants to kill Rondo. Rondo is the type of guy people feel loyal to and have his back, even though he was previously an outlaw. His character has depth. I enjoyed this book.

Originally reviewed for Readers' Favorite