MVP by Rhonda Laurel

MVP (Sequel to For the Love of the Game)

The game has just begun…

Morgan Reed-Blake discovers that being the wife of MVP quarterback Seth Blake has its perks…and its challenges. Thrust into Seth’s high-profile world, she must wade through the celebrity, status, and the ghosts of girlfriends past. So when Seth takes Morgan home to his ranch in Texas and introduces her to his family and friends, she’s not surprised when his high school sweetheart comes to call. Morgan suspects she wants to rekindle the flame, and how can she blame her? Distraught over the changes their relationship has caused for Seth, Morgan wonders if maybe he’s better off without her.

Pro quarterback Seth Blake is elated that his wife Morgan is giving their “fake” marriage a real chance. But he doesn’t anticipate running into the woman who broke his heart years ago. He hasn’t told Morgan about the complicated relationship with his ex, but as he guides Morgan through the maze of his celebrity lifestyle, can he convince her the past is in the past? The MVP does not accept defeat, and he’s determined not to lose. But winning Morgan might be the most difficult game of his life…


I had not read the first book in the series, but it didn't make it difficult to follow the story. That being said, I think if I had read the first book it would have made this one even more enjoyable because I would have had more background on the main characters' relationship. It was a romantic read with a strong male lead who knew how to take care of his wife without overstepping. There was a little bit of conflict with an ex-girlfriend, but not as many sparks came from that as I expected from the description.  Over all, it was a quick and easy read that didn't tax my emotions.
I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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