Place Your Betts by Katie Graykowski

Place Your Betts

Betts Monroe is a country music rags-to-riches story. As the daughter of the town slut, she clawed her way up from the bars of Bourbon Street to the Country Music Hall of Fame. She’s America’s sweetheart, darling of the media, and a multi-platinum star. But she has a secret. At the age of sixteen, she had a baby and gave him up for adoption because her boyfriend wasn't ready for fatherhood. Now she finds out that her precious baby boy has been living with his father from day one. 

Gabe Swanson is a Texas cattle baron riches-to-rags story. As the only son of the town's most prominent family, it was a huge blow when his father lost the family fortune in a ponzi scheme. Now, Gabe is land rich and cash poor. But he has his son and family is all that matters. 

When Betts moves back to the small town that shunned her, all hell breaks loose. She wants her son. Can Betts and Gabe leave their past in the rear view mirror so they can be a family?


I was taken in by Ms. Graykowski's novel. It has a sexy cowboy... yes, I guess it takes a little more than that to make a good book, It has combustible chemistry, an adorably spunky Momma, the misunderstood devil's right hand (GiGi), and a blossoming young love story.
The only thing that took away from the story for me was the repetitive questioning of the relationship with Gabe by Betts in her mind, and how long it took her to get the truth about what happened to her son - before Gabe got him back. That is something I would want to know right off the bat if I were in her shoes.
I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I would recommend it.


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