Against the Ropes by Cindy McDonald

Against the Ropes (Unbridled #4)
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When the West’s good-hearted farm manager, Punch McMinn, stumbles upon Eugene Strom, a down-on-his-luck fighter threatening to jump from an old bridge, Punch takes him under his wing and convinces the patriarch of Westwood Thoroughbred Farm, Eric West, to give him a job.

But when the gun-toting mob shows up at Westwood, it’s quite obvious that good ol’ Eugene is hiding a secret—a big one. Punch finds himself questioning his good intentions when the ex-fighter puts the people he loves against the ropes—and at the edge of disaster.


I did something I rarely do, because of time constraints and obligations to my book review blog. I grabbed this book during its free kindle promotion when I came across it on twitter, and because the cover caught my eye. I downloaded it and started reading it right away. I finished it the next day. It was a really enjoyable read. "Against the Ropes" is the Fourth book in the series, I found out after reading it, but it stands well on its own. I didn't find it difficult to follow even though I did not read the previous books.
Poor Punch, "No good deed goes unpunished" sums it up for him. He tries to save strays and help the helpless. His cat is one eyed and has a crippled paw. He is such a good character in the story and even though his kind-hearted nature gets him in a spot or two of trouble, it doesn't make him bitter or change his heart.
The West family was extremely interesting, and this book wrapped up some of their details very nicely, but I know there is more to be told. I want to read the next book to find out what happens for Kate. I want to read the beginning books to see what I missed out on before the 4th book.
I truly enjoyed and highly recommend this book.

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