No Exchanges, No Returns by Laurie Kellogg

No Exchanges, No Returns (Return to Redemption, #4)No Exchanges, No Returns by Laurie Kellogg


Dr. David Lambert and his wife, Brianna, received the ultimate gift from her fraternal twin. They gratefully accepted it, of course, because everyone knows you can't return a baby like an itchy sweater. Yet, that's essentially what Brianna does when she has a meltdown and unexpectedly divorces David. She runs from their home in Redemption, Pennsylvania, and leaves their surrogate--her sister, Casey--pregnant with his little bundle.

When David chose her beautiful twin over her, Casey McIntyre hid her hurt behind a wall of sarcasm. Now that her sister has divorced her husband, it's increasingly difficult to remember why the hunky pediatrician is supposed to be off limits--especially since Brianna doesn't seem to want him or care if Casey and he get involved.

David always liked and admired his selfless ex-sister-in-law--despite that the sassy preschool teacher is always busting his chops. Consequently, after his wife bails on marriage and motherhood, it's only natural he turns to Casey for sympathy. Unfortunately, the exasperating pixie becomes more irresistible with each day she carries his child. He already mistook lust for love once and jumped way too fast into marriage. He's not about to botch up his life that way again.

Casey wants whatever happiness she can grab, whether it's temporary or not. The only problem is, if she lets herself love her baby (or David), what will happen to her when her sister inevitably realizes her mistake and returns to Redemption?


An engaging story, an unbelievably deep sibling rivalry paralleled with the greatest sibling love. How much she would sacrifice to have a baby for her sister - and what is the real motivation behind her decision? The characters were strong, and well developed. I liked them, even though when reading the description I thought I would not like one of the sisters. You get behind the scenes with so many people and find out their secrets, their regrets, and their reasons for being the way they are. I absolutely adored Innes and his Scottish Brogue. The story was well written and flowed smoothly, with a good plot and several compelling sub plots. It kept me interested, and I finished it very quickly. The only thing that was a little weird for me was that one sister slept with the other's ex husband.
I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it.


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