Eyes of the Many by Kelly Graham

Eyes of the Many
After the loss of his wife in a bizarre car accident from which her body was never recovered, Trayton Bennett has created a diminutive version of the world in which he used to exist. The inability to cope with his loss coupled with a pervasive reluctance to believe that his wife is truly dead, has led him to push away what's left that remains important to him.

Four years after the tragedy, Trayton's life is again turned upside down when he uncovers evidence which suggests that his wife's accident was staged and her disappearance the result of foul play.

Oblivious to the attempts that will be made to stop him, and underestimating the abhorrent nature of the secrets that he will unveil, his desperate hunt for the truth begins...


Ms. Graham has a worth while debut novel. It sucked me in and kept me turning the pages. The bond of love that was unbroken for so many years was amazing. The path that lead Trayton to the truth was twisted, thrilling, and often times disturbing. The diabolical doctor was easy to hate, and yet, I could almost sympathize with his plight - almost.
You do need to suspend disbelief, but, that is necessary to enjoy fiction in many cases. I felt the descriptions and narratives were a bit thick and drawn out in places, and found myself skimming through them to get to the action. If the book was pared down a little, I don't think it would harm the story. I was also left with a few questions in the end, things didn't seem to tie up for me, such as: Why didn't Joey hear the SUV before it hit them? It was painstakingly described and illustrated that she could hear from long distances, and even through many walls. Also, the deja vu at the end of the book - how did Trayton have that dream? Was it from Charlie's thoughts? I believe Charlie could only transfer her thoughts if she was touching you. Did Trayton see the future?
Even with the things I was left questioning, over all, this was a very enjoyable read, quite an entertaining thriller. It stuck with me, and I really don't want to believe there is any possibility that the scenarios in it could be real.
I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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