The Girl In The Photo by Wally Wood

The Girl in the PhotoThe Girl in the Photo by Wally Wood

Description on Amazon:
In this novel about love and longing, regret and renewal, a brother and sister discover a surprising secret after the death of their father: a photo of a young woman who was his lover decades before and half a world away. Even as they mourn their father, an eminent surgeon, David and Abbie question what they thought they knew about his life—and theirs—as they struggle with conflicting memories, unexpected emotions, and new possibilities.


The part of this book that interested me the most was the book within the book - Dr. Emmerling's retelling of a part of his past he had kept a secret from his family. Those sections were extremely interesting and attention captivating. Most of what he told was truthful, and the way he embellished the end of his story was creative and read like fiction. His grown children, David and Abbie were believable characters, and there was much insight and information about their lives. They found it hard to accept their father had written a book, but were more surprised to find out it wasn't fiction. An emotional rollercoaster, and a whole lot of information come with this story, while David and Abbie deal with their father's death, discover they have a sibling in Japan, and then try to find her. I liked the story but sometimes the information was a bit overwhelming to me. I felt the end was a little longer than I liked. I admit I skipped through pages at the end to get to the part where they actually meet their sister, Kumi. This book was between three and four stars for me.
I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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