Discretion by David Balzarini

DiscretionDiscretion by David Balzarini

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The past defines us. For one man, it’s inescapable.

Fifteen years ago...On a beautiful September afternoon, Colin Wyle was boating with his girlfriend Natalie Merian when she disappeared. Natalie’s politician father assumed the worst. A media storm ensued, causing panic in the area and Colin came under suspicion. Desperate to find his love, he sought help from a mysterious source, forcing Colin to make the hardest choice of his life: commit a crime or lose her forever.
Now, Colin has a high-profile career and a fiancée. When a phone call unearths a secret federal investigation, Colin is forced to reckon with the past. And pay for his sins.


I give this book 2.5 leaves, because I feel it is about half way there, between okay and good.
I started reading this book and thought it was great. I was excited, as it appeared to fall in one of my favorite categories of reading, and looked forward to the finish. The writer has potential. The book has potential. That being said, in my honest opinion, for all the compelling points of the story, there were an equal number of confusing points. The complications of tangled emotions toward the end with Natalie and Colin didn't seem to be firmly resolved. The whole federal investigation left me with more questions than answers, and seemed like it was wrapped up neatly - but I didn't really get how or why. Jamal's fate was a big question mark for me - Why put the people with the tattoos in the mix if it was an act of God? If it wasn't an act of God, then why would Jamal be marked and not Colin or his lawyer? The story turned into a struggle of religious beliefs, which was okay because it wasn't preachy or aggressive. I found it interesting. Colin's struggle between doing what was truly right and doing what he wanted to do - with help from the voice in his head, Christel, and justifying it by using the "power" to help others - was well delivered. But, Colin dragged on so long trying to discover whether the voice was "good" or "bad", and when he finally decided if he would listen to Christel anymore or take full responsibility for his own life - I felt a little deflated and unsure. Although, she added an interesting element to the story, I was also unclear how and why Christel ever entered his head to begin with.
I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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