Set My Soul On Fire by Celia

Divorced Francine was a naïve young virgin when she first met her ex-husband.  After a passionless, controlling marriage, where she lost her dreams and herself, she feels old and inadequate.  Concentrating on her future, she craves a different life that will make her feel alive and set her soul on fire.  Now free to pursue her dreams, a challenging idea emerges and an unexpected change of fortune takes her into a new world, where the last thing on her list is a man or love….or is it?

Awarded best autumn read 2012 by ‘Modern Romance’
My Review:

I enjoyed the story. Although, it was a long, long, very long story. The plot was good, and interesting. I like the whole idea of living better than her miserable, verbally abusive, cheating ex. The best revenge is living well, right? And how much better could it get? Her circumstances certainly improve by a hundred times - her dream career, a magnificent home in a magical place, a warm and compassionate lover, and let's not discount the windfall of money. It was written well, and there are A LOT of sex scenes in this one - so if that's something you're looking for, you'll appreciate it. Since she was starved of sexual gratification by her husband, she explores, and adjusts to her new life as a single woman - not easy she feels at her age. It is a fairytale of sorts that kind of inspired jealousy - silly, as it is a fictional character. But, still, Francine's new life is very enviable, and provokes thoughts of, "How wonderful it would be to have all those things happen in life... If only one had a Fairy Godmother or a genie in a bottle..." (except the segment involving a tattoo, that - I would not want, and frankly did not understand at all)

I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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