Marie Reviews An Ode for Orchids by James Fant

An Ode for Orchids by James Fant
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Geneva Cole was well known for growing orchids, but her most prized orchids weren’t really flowers at all, at least not in the literal sense. Her most prized orchids were her four grand-daughters: Karen, Cicely, and twin sisters Brook and Dawn. And her main goal was to prepare them for life’s challenges.

"An Ode for Orchids" is a story about four young women and the challenges that they face, such as making bad choices in men, dealing with infidelity, struggling with promiscuity, and dealing with rejection. But perhaps the most daunting challenge is dealing with the animosity that one woman can have for another woman. Time will reveal whether or not each of them will be strong enough to face the challenges that life will offer them.


An Ode for Orchids is a touching story about four young cousins, Brook and Dawn (twins), Cicely, and Karen, who come together every summer at their "old school" Grandmother's house. Karen's mother dies living a tragic life style and Karen lives with Ma Geneva full time. I was fully impacted by the power of the emotions in this book. Ma Geneva tries to keep the girls on the right path, and worries about the way they are being raised. She does what she can to impress good values upon them while they stay with her. Follow the story and see how bonds, and even grudges form that are carried into their adult years. These early forged feelings shape who they are, how they deal with life's struggles and crisis, and eventually break free from their fears and embrace who they are truly capable of being. The strength of the relationships, and the pains endured brought me to tears more than once. It is compelling, honest, emotional, and inspiring. A wonderful read.
I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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