Marie Reviews Against His Will by Trish Jensen

Against His Will by Trish Jensen
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They tried to resist each other, but it was impossible. Soon their passions were unleashed, and their self-control went to the dogs . . .FBI agent Jake Donnelly is not the kind of man who names a dog “Muffin.” Especially not a jowly bulldog. But now Jake’s Aunt Sophie has left him her beloved Muffin, along with a sizable inheritance that has some strings attached. Jake and Muffin have to attend a two-week therapy course designed to work out any bonding issues they may have.Enter Leanne Crosby, a pet shrink and owner of a luxury pet spa complete with private counseling sessions, a doggie dating service, and plenty of quirky advice on proper pet parenting.When the gorgeous and brilliant Dr. Crosby sets out to help Jake and Muffin become soulmates, it soon becomes obvious that she and Jake are falling in puppy love.


FBI agent Jake Donnelly had a tough childhood, but he had a sanctuary with his Aunt Sophie. She was kind, patient, and loved him, and he grew to love her and his uncle very much. For years, at the end of her life, Aunt Sophie tried to fix him up with Leanne Crosby, pet shrink and owner of a dog spa where she would vacation with her bull dog, Muffin. When Aunt Sophie passes away, she leaves her entier estate to Muffin, to make sure he is well cared for during the rest of his natural life. Jake, of course, is awarded Muffin, and then eventually the estate upon Muffin's death, as long as he accepts the dog. Jake does not, under any circumstance, want the dog, and says so. Until he finds out that if he doesn't take the dog, Leanne Crosby, whom he thinks may be a quack and a rip off, will get Muffin and inherit the estate upon his death. He decides he will take the dog to keep his Aunt Sophie from being swindled after she is gone. He learns of a final provision. He must take Muffin for a mandatory spa vacation, 2 weeks a year.

This story had me laughing from the very first pages. I very much enjoyed the humor, and the way Muffin was given character and played a role in the plot. The sparks eventually fly when Jake and Leanne meet and they try to resist them, because they both have troubles trusting each other. It is a warm and touching story of how man falls in love with woman, and man falls in love with his dog. There is action and adventure around every corner, and don't forget the romance. When a book can make you laugh and touch your heart too, you know it is a winner.

I highly recommend reading this book. It is sure to please.

I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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