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Comanche Moon by Virginia Brown
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The Comanches did her a favor when they killed her loutish husband on her wedding night. But now this Southern belle is the possession of a fierce, blue-eyed warrior called Hawk . . . Zach Banning, known as Hawk among the Comanches, is caught between two races, two cultures, two lives. Deborah Hamilton is a Mississippi beauty who came to the Texas territory for an arranged marriage. Little did she know, her new husband’s people have earned the Comanches’ hatred. They enact their vengeance on her wedding night, kidnapping Deborah along with other women and also the settlement’s children.She expects the worst at the Comanches’ village, but instead finds kindness alongside the challenges. But when Hawk barters her away from her owner, intending to seduce and possess her, Deborah finds herself in a battle of wills laced with deep desire.Virginia Brown is the author of more than fifty novels, including the bestselling Dixie Divas mystery series. Look for many more of her classic historical romances, coming soon from Bell Bridge Books.


Comanche Moon is Historical Romance well written. It tells a painful and heart warming story about Zack Banning, half Indian and half white. His mother was taken captive by Indians, and he was conceived as a result. His mother's husband initially accepted him because there was still a chance Zack was his son, but as Zack ages and his true heritage becomes more evident, it is impossible. Zack is forced to leave his mother after he is beaten with a whip by her husband. He deals with an ongoing struggle to find his true place, to figure out which world he belongs in. When living with his Comanche father, a raid party returns with women and children. Deborah is one of them. She was forced to marry in order to financially benefit her father and was captured on her wedding night. Her husband was shot dead during the raid before consummating their marriage. Zack, known as Hawk to the Comanche, sees her and is drawn to her. He barters for her and she lives among them for months. Despite herself, she falls in love with Hawk and is sad when he returns her to her people to keep his Comanche tribe from being hunted down by soldiers.

I was taken in by this story. It was interesting and told in a way that showed Zack's view point in both worlds and defined his struggle to overcome the way people treated him for things that were out of his control. His love for Deborah was passionate and all consuming. His willingness to sacrifice his total being for her was touching and inspiring. I would love to read other books by Virginia Brown.

I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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