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Love Me Now: The Second Novel of Love Romance andLove Me Now: The Second Novel of Love Romance and by Gail Hewitt
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Maggie McLaurin thinks her big romance has arrived when, during a tryst at Lake View Lodge, she agrees to marry adorably sexy Miles Brewster. Once Miles thinks he has her safely in his pocket, however, he shows a side of his personality (not to mention his sexual preferences) that makes her wonder; and, as for his wealthy, powerful mother, let's admit up front that she's no future daughter-in-law's dream.

When Maggie returns to New York City, she is further distanced from the determined-to-have-her-at-any-cost Miles by the reappearance of handsome hunk Tom Scott, the old boyfriend who made good, who vows not only to protect her from the reappearance of the sexually obsessed young man who stalked and threatened her in Loved Me Once, but also to convince her that she should marry him.

The complications that ensue are enough to keep Maggie – and her best friend, herself fleeing a broken romance – up at night.

In this, “The Second Novel of Love, Romance and Business" in the LOVED ME series by Gail Hewitt, will Maggie find true love at last, or is she fooling herself yet again? This is an adult title containing graphic language and scenes of an explicitly sexual nature.

Gail Hewitt, business consultant to both entrepreneurs and officers in Fortune 100 companies, is a member of the Authors Guild and Romance Writers of America.

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I did not read the first book in the series, so I was a little confused about the relationship with Miles in the beginning and why the main character, Maggie, would tolerate some of these behaviors he was exhibiting. I also was put off by the strange Q&A session. Perhaps it was to demonstarte the depth of the troubles Miles has. I kept wanting to skip it though, and move on with the story. Maggie is intelligent and had depth, and the plot was interesting. I liked the whole SA training concept, very intriguing. It was full of enough twists and surprises to keep me reading in order to find out how she would handle her problems, especially those that develop right away with Miles. The sexual relationships are intense and written well. Overall, I would recommend it, but I would recommend reading it after reading the first book.
This book was given to me for free in exchange for a review.

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