Marie Reviews Caribbean Romance by Leigh Morano

For those of us who have gone through the self doubt and lack of confidence that results from bad relationships, Caribbean Romance will be a familiar journey. At the beginning of the story, Vanessa vows to her best friend that she will proceed more cautiously with her next relationship. Unfortunately, she has fallen for someone she met online, which would seem to be the opposite of caution! Vanessa takes off on a Caribbean vacation with Marcelo, and the challenges they face together teach Vanessa about herself and how to recognize when someone is worthy of her trust.

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 This is a good short story about two hearts who have been burned before, struggling with the heat of desire and new found love. Can Vanessa and Marcelo trust each other enough to make a commitment after building their romance over the internet and telephone? Marcelo forces a meeting to find out if it is real. The story is interesting, and I would have liked to have read it as a full length novel. It still has some room for editing, grammatical errors and typos, but the romance and emotions of the story were strongly conveyed. The love scenes were very well done, and discovering the real Marcelo at the conclusion was a nice surprise.
This book was given to me for free in exchange for a review.
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