Marie Reviews Despair and Decision by Kyra Gregory

Despair & DecisionDespair & Decision by Kyra Gregory

Amara has always been conflicted; with other people's ideals never matching up to her own reality. With her only confidence being her love she learns to overcome the tragedies life throws her way. After all, to Amara, there is little of more importance than love.  A novella of 18,000 words.


A romance, between same sex partners, or opposite sex partners is still a romance. Some elements in the way the book was written made it difficult to feel like I was reading a romance, it felt distant, not intimate. I think a little more details, a little more depth leading into the story, so you get a better feel for who the characters are, would help. Other things shone brightly, like the commitment the women felt to eachother. Some very strong issues were adressed in the violence based on sexual preference. I was glad to see justice served at the end of the story. But, I did question that the men and women engaging in the same sport changed and showered in the same place, at the same time.
I was given this book for free in exchange for a review.

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