"The Lady and the Stubborn Rancher" by Arla Jones


A cattle is stolen, a cowboy is dead, and a future husband is missing! What else can go wrong?
Susan Walton is a sleuth at heart, but when she is left alone in Boston while her parents take a tour in Europe, she does the most absurd thing anyone could think of. She buys a ticket to a stagecoach and travels to Texas to find out what had happened to her maid's future husband. John Stanton is a handsome rancher but his controlling ways frustrate Susan who is headstrong and knows what she wants. Can they work together to find out the truth?

This book is touted as enjoyable by fans of 1883, and although a couple of scenes attempt to mimic the hit television western drama, it isn't an accurate comparison. 1883 felt realistic and engaging. The author relies on the verb "was" far too much forming a dull story. Character development, interaction, and dialogue require work. Perhaps an editor or beta readers could help liven it up and help it reach its full potential.