"Let His Banner Over Me Be Love" by Pat Garcia


It didn't take Chance Mancini long to accept that she had allowed let herself to fall in love with Gavino Mancini, a man much younger than she. To make matters worse, after their marriage, he'd led her into a lifestyle that she did not know of, but she had come to love. He was her, Sir.

All was well and good until she found out she couldn't give him a family, and insecurity about their relationship hunted her like a hound dog sniffing on a hunt.

Chance ran away, only to be terrorized every night in her sleep by her dreams.

Three years later, Gavino Mancini enters her life again to repossess what belongs to him––her heart and her body.

I read this book very quickly. Some of the descriptions were captivating, but sometimes they went to the point of distraction. This book is for mature audiences; intimate scenes are explicit. I couldn't relate to Chance's relationship with her husband. I was moved to read the story because of the beautiful verse. It was difficult for me to compare that with the sub/dom relationship.